Bebe Rexha has known what she’s wanted to do for a while now. A music fanatic growing up on Staten Island, she began penning tracks early on, and quickly earned herself a 'Best Teen Songwriter' nod at the annual GRAMMY Career Day event. The world really took notice when “The Monster,” a track with her stamp on it, was turned into a smash by Eminem and Rihanna in 2013. These days she’s moved to being an artist herself. This year’s 'All Your Fault’ EPs make a strong case for her work becoming more and more fierce. “F.F.F” and “The Way I Are” come straight from the heart and are the essence of modern pop craft. She hit our ':60 with' rapid-fire interview ready to roll. Find out her favorite song that she saved for herself, the instrument she wishes she could play, and the craziest thing she's ever done. Produced & Directed by Dan Nastro Bebe Rexha on Vevo: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Watch more music at: Bebe Rexha: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Website:

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