Clash of Clans Mass Attack- This clash of clans episode on a developer iPad filmed at clash of clans HQ is 299 units of mass P.E.K.K.A. attacking a village on single player. 299 pekka attack crushes everything! Pretty funny but alot of things in finland are named pekka, even a meeting room. MORE GAMEPLAY ALSO TO CHECK OUT: 300 witches and 300 dragons 300 golems and giants 300 wallbreakers 300 goblins and 216 lighting spells 300 valkyries and 300 healers on lvl 40 king 300 hog riders and 1 pekka vs entire base Whats up you guys! It's Godson YEEEAAAAAaa!!! Welcome to my channel. Now Gimme your thumbs and Comments below. Click Here To Subscribe! ► Get dat MoNie! ( Earn FREE Gems! ) Use this link: ( or Just type it into your iphone/ipad/itouch! ) This link will let u get points to use for iTunes on Clash of clans! Going here and using the invite Code: " Godson " will allow you to earn More credits for clash of clans. Submit your Fails: do you have a funny or awful fail worthy of being in my fail tage? go ahead and submit your clips to my gmail or youtube inbox for me to review! ( best method is to upload vids to youtube then send me the link)

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